Siding in Sault Ste Marie That Will Improve Your Home

New siding in Sault Ste Marie will improve your home in more ways than one. Whether you are looking to make it more marketable before you sell it, or you are ready to make some improvements for fun, RM Frolich has the experience and the products that you will need to achieve the greatest success with your project. For nearly forty years, we have offered residents of Echo Bay, Goulais River, Sault Ste Marie, and more the siding products and services that they have come to trust and enjoy. With a strong reputation and unbeatable warranties, we are the siding contractor in Sault Ste Marie that will get your job done right the first time.

Our Siding

At RM Frolich, we are committed to the highest quality products, no matter what the project. We do this by offering only the top name brand products in the industry. One product that we like to offer our customers is veneer siding by Eldorado Stone. With a unique style and authentic work, this siding is sure to make an impression on anyone who sees your home. Our technicians are qualified to install the veneer siding that you choose.

Benefits of Siding

There are many ways in which our siding options will be a benefit for your home. The following are just a few:

  • New siding, and specifically veneer siding, will make your home more attractive. This is great for someone wishing to sell their home. It is also a great aspect for someone who is ready to improve the look of their home because they finally have the means to do so.
  • Veneer siding acts as a form of insulation. While you will still want to insulate your house properly, the siding adds an additional layer. Rather than having to pay for more insulation, it comes naturally with the stone siding.
  • Properly installed veneer siding offers a protection for your home. This protection comes in the form of stopping the weather from getting in. Veneer siding is strong and will stop wind, rain, and snow in its tracks. When installed properly, homeowners shouldn’t have any leaks that are able to get through the siding.
  • Energy efficiency is another benefit of veneer siding. Because it acts as an insulator, utility bills are almost sure to go down upon installation.